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steve's picture
steve in Alberta

After being nearly 80 lbs overweight I made a decision that I would give myself 6 weeks to try my first diet. I did not follow any...

jan's picture
jan in Edmonton

I try to write honestly about my own struggles and in a way that encourages others to press on and live healthier. I always read the...

Luella's picture
Luella in Sherwood Park, Alberta

I have struggled with weight issues since I was 11 years old, at which time my doctor put me on a 500 calorie per day diet. Not healthy...

Cancan1997's picture
Cancan1997 in Baltimore

I am hoping to get passed Day 3. Today is Day 2. Prayers much needed and appreciated. Hoping to shed 30 pounds. Yikes.

joany's picture
joany in winnipeg, manitoba

I just started the program, April 15/13 so searching every place I can for ideas, recipes and anything that will help me hang in there...

Buglady's picture
Buglady in Stoney Creek,Ontario

I'm 70 years young, I was overweight from limited mobility( result of car accident) I developed diabetes type 2, blood pressure soared...

Dianehockeymom's picture
Dianehockeymom in Huntsville

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have finally found something that works!

dydy1223's picture
dydy1223 in Massachusetts

I've just started the IP program and I'm looking for a little excitement within the limitations of the diet. I'm a foodie by nature and...


still struggling with last 7 ibs but i have lost 18 its fantastic diet i never get hungry ,treat your self to a nice juicy rib eye,...

ghendrick13's picture
ghendrick13 in Belleville

I am 49 years old, married 29 years, three grown boys and I am a laboratoy manager. I have been on and off diets for the better part of...

russjoanne's picture
russjoanne in Ottawa
georgie's picture
georgie in Ottawa

have tried all the diets going, never could get lower than a certain number. tried this gave a goal weight of 10lbs below my plateau...

Loridev's picture
Loridev in RI

Lost 40lbs 4 years ago... keeping it off by eating the "right" way! Thanks IP! Now I work for the company!!!

Roxy's picture
Roxy in New Brunswick

I have seen first hand how successful this plan can be. Everything about this plan simply makes sense. I personally have tried several...

Razzledazzlebee's picture
Razzledazzlebee in Arlington, WA

Started IP 9/1/13!

Chrismond's picture
Chrismond in Gatineau,QC

I am type 2 diabetic and I'm tired of all the medication and insulin I have to take, I am third generation diabetic. I would like to get...

damma's picture
damma in Saskatchewan, Canada

I'm mom to 3 great grown up sons and grandma to 2 sweet little boys. After retiring from teaching I enjoy babysitting the little ones,...

tslisz's picture
tslisz in old saybrrok, ct

I am a mother of 2, and for the past 10 years I have gained 60 pounds. I need to start taking care of myself now that my kids are more...

rhondafav's picture
rhondafav in Steinbach, MB
dexxter28's picture
dexxter28 in Sudbury, Ontario Canada

Love the ideal protein diet down 20lbs in 4lbs LOVE LOVE LOVE IT i'm proud to say i used to be a binger and if there were 4 week chips...

iHarley's picture
iHarley in Central IL

8/28/2012 - 258.5 lbs. - 78.5 lbs to go
9/4/2012 - 245.5 lbs. - 13 down, 65.5 lbs to go!
9/11/2012 - 240.5 lbs. - 18 lbs...

ksnow's picture
ksnow in Washington
Walesandcanada's picture
Walesandcanada in Port Elgin

Trying once again to lose wieght. Trying this way.

fbello's picture
fbello in Kanata, Ontario

Supporting my wife and daughter that started the Ideal Protein diet, I found myself eating the same meals and loosing weight (fat weight...

aporter's picture
aporter in bloomfiled ct

im on a diet to better fit and to live for my kids

jbrocius's picture
jbrocius in Kirkland


Memere03's picture
Memere03 in BC

I joined IPbecauseiwashavingahard time losing weight. Since I joined in Sept I've lost 31 lbs. I like to stay in touch with people who...

Essentiallyu's picture
Essentiallyu in Grande prairie

I have Essentially u Weightloss& Wellness in Grande Prairie Ab we promote the pro energy diet

Bsgcogirl's picture
Bsgcogirl in Massachusetts

Day 2 of Ideal. Need to lose about 60lbs.

Tannas's picture
Tannas in Calgary

Broke my leg 13 years ago. Was in a wheelchair for a year. Had the metal removed and then had a stroke. I am the heaviest I have ever...

Jellyman's picture
Jellyman in Nova Scotia

Will do this later

betfly's picture
betfly in Bolton


stella's picture
stella in Bedford NS


Cmacdonald77's picture
Cmacdonald77 in Ottawa

Just started IP and looking forward to the journey!

Kay's picture
Kay in Mississippi

Just started Ideal Protein today ... Hard to plan menu
Retired ...hip and back problems .. Hoping losing weight will help

Grammy24girls's picture
Grammy24girls in Plainfield

I'm a proud, wife, mom and grammy who wants to get in the best health possible to be around for a long time with my family. I have...

Kim Melanson's picture
Kim Melanson in Saulnierville Nova Scotia

I have been on the diet for one week and I definatly need some ideas to make the food taste better.

annie 1962's picture
annie 1962 in Cobourg

My sister Karen lill first did the diet and it transformed her then i was a believer and now my turn. better choice of eating and...

lindas88's picture
lindas88 in Saint John

Just started and need recipes.

JillQ's picture
JillQ in Bainbridge Island, WA

I've almost reached my weight goal. I'm hoping to teach myself new eating habits to keep myself at a lower weight.